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At the Vet

The preliminary procedure for flying includes a large number of operations that must be performed between 4-2 months before the flight, such as: arriving at a veterinarian for pre-flight vaccinations, testing and issuing permits, fitting and purchasing an aviation cage, signing a health certificate for the destination country and more.


If necessary, we will be happy to assist you in all support and ground services in Israel, while placing real emphasis on the mental and emotional health of the animal in the preliminary procedure and during the flight.

You can select some or all of the services as needed
Transportation to animals
  • Transportation to the personal Veterinarian/ District Doctor/ Airport.

Issuance of import / export permits

  • Issuance of a health certificate in Israel abroad.

  • Issuance of import permits to Israel.

  • Issuance of special permits / dangerous strain.

Check-in and customs clearance in Israel

  • Issuance of bill of lading, AIR WAYBILL.

  • Check-in at Ben Gurion Cargo Terminal.

  • On incoming flights to Israel, arrival and release of the animal from customs.

Unaccompanied animal shipment - Cargo flying

  • Issuance of a bill of lading.

  • Determining an air route with the cargo company.

  • Continuous work with the various parties for the approval of the flight.

Accompanied by airborne

  • Collecting animals in the country of origin.

  • Check-in for the attendant and the animal.

  • View documents in the destination country.

  • Delivery of the animals to the owner after all flying operations.


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