When the animal is in a different country from its owner, due to a desire to settle in before, or waiting time for vaccinations needed for the destination, we will be happy to help and accompany the animal from the country of origin to the destination country and provide them support and love all the way.

There are two options for flying animals without the owner:

Cargo flying - Cargo of the animals through a cargo terminal, which requires the issuance of additional permits, and arrival on the day of the flight about 7 hours before the flight, payment of customs brokerage for the check-in.

Upon landing in the destination country, the animal will arrive at the cargo terminal and will wait between 2-24 hours for the owner or a representative on his behalf to arrive to check documents and pay customs clearance.


Pet Courier- Our representative with years of experience and extensive knowledge of cross-country with animals, will accompany the animals from the airport in the country of origin, carry out all the bureaucratic and payments, and deliver the animals to the owner or representative on his behalf in the destination country after all the flight process and payments.

To save the wait time for the pets in customs (up to 24 hours), reduce flight costs up to 50% of cargo flight and provide personalized escorts to the animals, we have created our Pet courier service.

The service includes the following:

In the preliminary procedure

  • We will coordinate what has been done, and according to this we will coordinate the other actions that must be taken to prepare the animal for the flight.

  • In accordance with the entry requirements and the customer's requirements, a proper flight path with a quality area in the belly of the plane will be established for flying the animals / booking a seat in the passenger cabin for small animals.

  • We will perform a PNR approval about three days before the flight to secure the animal's place on the flight.


At takeoff

  • Collect the animal outside the airport about 3 hours before takeoff.

  • Check-in for the animal.

  • Payment for port taxes, customs and flight ticket for the animal.

  • Walking outside the airport about an hour before the flight.

  • Preparation and equipment of the flight cage.

  • Delivery of the animal for loading into the belly of the aircraft about an hour before takeoff.


On landing

  • Arriving at the customs area to present documents and release the animal.

  • Customs payment for the animal.

  • Departure to the reception area for delivery of the animal to its owner or a representative on his behalf.

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