Visit to the Vet

The Pet package service is our flagship service and the reason for opening the organization, which provide a personal guide after our team has examined all the requirements, and prepare a step-by-step guide of all actions needed to be performed in the preliminary procedure, in the flight itself and landing safely in the destination country, with emphasizing on the emotional aspect to animals and a positive flight experience.
Thus allowing you to save valuable time in trying to gather and coordinate the information between the various factors, expenses and unplanned glitches due to lake of correct documents, to help you fly safely, cheaply, and to know that the animal is protected from a wrong flight procedure! 
The service is customized after coordinating customer requirements parallel to the entry requirements to the destination, depending on the type, breed, dimensions and weight of the animal, destination and country of origin, dates and routes, tips and recommendations, checklist and health certificates relevant to the destination.

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