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About the Pats Travel Israel organization

In 2010, the international animal entry requirements came into being, and due to the lack of full flight coordination and accurate information from government officials, hundreds of animals abandoned due to lack of understanding of the bureaucracy needed, and follow personal negative flight experiences, we decided to establish PETS TRAVEL to help people fly with their animals abroad or into Israel, after coordinate all transitions,  thereby protecting them from incorrect flight process to can lead to unexpected expenses, last minute malfunctions, animal quarantine and even death.
After extensive research on the subject, we have decided to assist you, in the best possible way and to get all the necessary and relevant information according to your personalized needs, after a specific inquiry, thereby helping to support and accompany both you and the animals, and to allow a pleasant, restful and safe flight to your satisfaction.
So far, we have supported and flown thousands of animals in Israel's airspace safely, with emphasizing of the professional and emotional side of the process.

Our vision 
Allow the family and the animal - which is part of the family - to travel abroad or Israel safely, and not allow the separation of the animal due to bureaucratic and economic problems.

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