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Welcome to the Pats Travel Israel organization.

When you wants to fly a dog or a cat to Israel or abroad, the preliminary procedure must be started between 2-4 months before the flight, And there are a large number of preliminary actions to be performed such as: a series of vaccinations, collecting and issuing relevant permits and documents, coordinating a cage and finding a flight path, issuing an import and export permit and more.

And each country has different entry requirements for animal entry, depending on the country of origin, breed type and weight of animal, and flight route. and coordinate the requirements of export country of origin, transit requirements between the two countries, and the entry requirements in the destination country, often do not match or overlap between them.

The difficulty in understanding the relevant requirements, the higher than expected costs, and the inability to coordinate the requirements in a targeted manner, caused hundreds of cases of animal abandonment in Israel, and allowed companies in the field to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for various services in the field.


Following this, in 2010 we established the Pets Travel Israel organization, which aims to guide and assist dogs and cats to fly from Israel or abroad in a proper, fault-free, and cheap as possible manner, with an emphasis on a positive flight experience.


In Israel we support all actions required in the preliminary procedure and airborne escort service.

טיסה עם כלב

Flying with the animals?

Our flagship service Pet package, will coordinate for you, after a comprehensive inspection, all the steps of the pre-flight procedure, and will coordinate the flight route and landing at the destination safely.

The service includes full instruction on all flight operations, health certificates and flight labels, and our support throughout the process .

Flying without the animals?

Dogs and cats can be sent unaccompanied through a cargo terminal as a "cargo " , which includes issuing a bill of lading and coordinating an flight route with the cargo company, including check-in on the day of the flight.


Or fly with an airborne escort service that will accompany the animal from the airport in the country of origin to its owner in the destination country after all the bureaucracy and flight costs.

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